RACI Chart – Matrix

 Ever wondered how big projects stay organized?

 Meet the RACI Chart, a superhero in the world of project management!

 It’s like a map that guides who does what in a project. Here’s how it works:

Responsible: These are the doers, the ones who actually complete the tasks.

Accountable: The one person who’s the ‘boss’ for each task. They make the final call.

Consult: These are the advisors. Before decisions are made, their input is crucial.

Inform: They need to be kept in the loop, updated about what’s happening.

By dividing roles into these four categories, a RACI Chart ensures that everyone knows their part,

reducing confusion and making sure the project runs smoothly.

It’s all about clear communication and efficient teamwork!

The RACI Chart effectively assigns clear roles and responsibilities, streamlining communication and efficient teamwork within project management.

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