Activity and Activity Attributes

Ever wonder why some plans work perfectly? It’s all about the details! Let’s dive into Activity Attributes.

But first, let’s start with definitions. An activity is a specific task or action within a project or plan, that requires time and resources to complete.

Activity attributes are details that describe and define a task’s specifics, including its dependencies, resources, and constraints.

These are the nuts and bolts that make each task in your project unique, telling you what it needs when it needs it, and how it connects to everything else.

 Why bother? Because knowing this makes planning a breeze. You’ll know exactly what each task requires, avoiding surprises. 

How to use them? List out every task, then write  down its specifics: resources, timing, and how it links to others. It’s like giving each task a mini-profile.

These simple steps will  transforms good plans into great ones.

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