PMP Exam Preparation - Quiz 24 - Closing

1. What is a primary activity during the administrative closure of a project or phase?

A. Initiating new projects.
B. Closing project accounts.
C. Increasing project scope.
D. Hiring new team members.

2. What should be done with project documents and deliverables at the end of a project or phase?

A. Discard all documents.
B. Ensure they are up to date and resolved.
C. Start new documentation for the next project.
D. Leave them as they are for future reference.

3. Which activity is important for the redistribution of resources at the project's closure?

A. Increasing budget allocation.
B. Reallocating project facilities, equipment, and other resources.
C. Ignoring unused resources.
D. Purchasing new resources.

4. What is a key action to take regarding project personnel at the end of a project?

A. Terminate their employment.
B. Reassign personnel.
C. Give them extended vacations.
D. Reduce their salaries.

5. How should excess project material be dealt with at the end of a project?

A. Store them for future projects.
B. Assign them to another ongoing project.
C. Dispose of them as waste.
D. Deal with the excess project material appropriately.

6. What should be done with project records at the end of a project or phase?

A. Destroy all records.
B. Leave them unorganized.
C. Collect and audit them.
D. Transfer them to a competitor.

7. Which activity is essential for organizational learning at the end of a project?

A. Ignoring past mistakes.
B. Identifying and documenting lessons learned.
C. Focusing only on successes.
D. Avoiding stakeholder feedback.

8. What should be done with project information at the end of a project?

A. Share it with the public.
B. Archive it for future use by the organization.
C. Delete all project data.
D. Use it for marketing purposes only.

9. What is an important step in the Close Project or Phase process regarding policy improvement?

A. Discard all existing policies.
B. Follow the policies without question.
C. Collection and suggestion of policy improvements.
D. Implement new policies immediately.

10. What is a crucial action when a project is terminated before completion?

A. Avoid any review of the project.
B. Blame the project team.
C. Document the reasons for termination.
D. Repeat the same project immediately.

11. When closing a project, what is important regarding stakeholder satisfaction?

A. Ignore stakeholder feedback.
B. Measure stakeholder satisfaction.
C. Only focus on negative feedback.
D. Provide incentives to stakeholders.

12. What should be the focus when reviewing the project management plan at closure?

A. Starting a new plan.
B. Checking that all project work is completed and objectives are met.
C. Changing the project objectives.
D. Focusing on uncompleted tasks only.

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