PMP Exam Preparation - Quiz 21 - Monitoring and Controlling P1

1. What is the primary focus of the Monitor and Control Project Work process?

A. Establishing project baselines.
B. Reviewing change requests.
C. Tracking project performance against the management plan.
D. Approving project deliverables.

2. Which process involves the evaluation and approval of change requests in project management?

A. Validate Scope
B. Control Schedule
C. Perform Integrated Change Control
D. Control Costs

3. When is the Validate Scope process primarily conducted?

A. Before the project planning phase.
B. Throughout the project lifecycle.
C. Only at project initiation.
D. After project closure.

4. What is a key activity in the Monitor and Control Project Work process?

A. Developing the project charter.
B. Managing the project team.
C. Forecasting future project status.
D. Conducting procurement activities.

5. In which process is a Change Control Board (CCB) typically involved?

A. Develop Project Management Plan
B. Perform Integrated Change Control
C. Control Risks
D. Plan Cost Management

6. What is a major outcome of the Validate Scope process?

A. Identification of new risks.
B. Formal acceptance of project deliverables.
C. Development of the project schedule.
D. Allocation of project resources.

7. What does the Monitor and Control Project Work process primarily help in identifying?

A. Project stakeholders.
B. Required changes to the project management plan.
C. Training needs of the project team.
D. Project procurement requirements.

8. In the context of Perform Integrated Change Control, who is usually responsible for approving or rejecting change requests?

A. Project team members.
B. Project manager or Change Control Board.
C. External stakeholders.
D. Project customers.

9. During which project phase is the Validate Scope process most critical?

A. Initiation.
B. Planning.
C. Execution.
D. Closure.

10. What is a key consideration in the Monitor and Control Project Work process?

A. Developing project scope statement.
B. Ensuring resource availability.
C. Comparing actual project performance with planned performance.
D. Establishing communication channels.

11. How are changes to project baselines typically managed in the Perform Integrated Change Control process?

A. Through informal discussions.
B. By the project sponsor alone.
C. Via a formal change control system.
D. Through team consensus.

12. What is a key benefit of conducting the Validate Scope process?

A. Increasing project risk.
B. Reducing the number of stakeholders.
C. Clarifying the project charter.
D. Enhancing customer satisfaction.

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