PMP Exam Preparation - Quiz 16, Project Planning P9

1. What is the primary objective of Plan Risk Management?

A. Identifying potential project risks.
B. Developing strategies to mitigate identified risks.
C. Creating a risk management plan.
D. Analyzing the impact of potential risks.

2. In the Identify Risks process, what is a key activity?

A. Developing risk responses.
B. Quantifying risk impact.
C. Documenting potential project risks.
D. Allocating budget for risk mitigation.

3. What is the main focus of Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis?

A. Numerically analyzing risk impact.
B. Prioritizing risks based on impact and likelihood.
C. Developing detailed risk response plans.
D. Allocating budget for identified risks.

4. Which tool is essential in Plan Risk Management?

A. Risk breakdown structure.
B. Cost-benefit analysis.
C. Work breakdown structure.
D. Gantt charts.

5. During Identify Risks, what factor is crucial?

A. Cost estimations of risks.
B. Stakeholder risk tolerance.
C. Detailed risk analysis.
D. Stakeholder participation.

6. What is a primary technique used in Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis?

A. Risk auditing.
B. Risk data quality assessment.
C. Quantitative risk analysis.
D. Risk response planning.

7. Plan Risk Management typically results in what output?

A. A detailed risk register.
B. A risk management plan.
C. Quantitative risk analysis reports.
D. Risk response strategies.

8. Which approach is key in the Identify Risks process?

A. Determining the cost of risks.
B. Brainstorming potential risks.
C. Prioritizing risks.
D. Implementing risk responses.

9. In Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis, what is often developed?

A. Risk probability and impact matrix.
B. Detailed risk response plans.
C. Cost estimates for risk responses.
D. Finalized risk register.

10. What is emphasized in Plan Risk Management regarding risk responses?

A. Immediate implementation of responses.
B. Development of contingency plans.
C. Flexibility and adaptability of responses.
D. Allocation of budget for each response.

11. Identify Risks process is most dependent on which factor?

A. Accuracy of cost estimations.
B. The quality of stakeholder engagement.
C. The rigor of the project schedule.
D. The detail of the project scope.

12. What characterizes Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis?

A. Use of numerical data to analyze risks.
B. Development of a detailed risk response for each risk.
C. Subjective assessment of risk probability and impact.
D. Creation of a comprehensive risk register.

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