PMP Exam Preparation - Quiz 15, Project Planning P8

1. What is the main objective of Plan Resource Management?

A. Identifying project risks.
B. Managing stakeholder expectations.
C. Defining how project resources are identified and used.
D. Establishing project budgets.

2. In Estimate Activity Resources, what is a key output?

A. Risk register updates.
B. Resource requirements.
C. Quality metrics.
D. Project budget.

3. What is the primary goal of Plan Communications Management?

A. Developing a risk management plan.
B. Establishing project cost baselines.
C. Creating a plan for project information distribution.
D. Determining project resource needs.

4. Which tool is commonly used in Plan Resource Management?

A. Cost-benefit analysis.
B. Organizational theory.
C. Critical path method.
D. Earned value management.

5. What does Estimate Activity Resources focus on?

A. Defining project scope.
B. Determining the types and quantities of resources.
C. Establishing communication protocols.
D. Developing the project budget.

6. In Plan Communications Management, what is a crucial element?

A. Risk identification.
B. Quality standards establishment.
C. Stakeholder information needs analysis.
D. Resource allocation.

7. What is a key consideration in Plan Resource Management?

A. Schedule management.
B. Resource breakdown structure development.
C. Cost estimation.
D. Risk assessment.

8. Which aspect is critical in Estimate Activity Resources?

A. Developing a risk management plan.
B. Identifying resource availability constraints.
C. Establishing project quality standards.
D. Creating a communications management plan.

9. In Plan Communications Management, what is essential for effective execution?

A. Comprehensive risk analysis.
B. Detailed cost management.
C. Tailored communication methods.
D. Thorough resource estimation.

10. What is emphasized in Plan Resource Management for team management?

A. Cost control techniques.
B. Quality assurance processes.
C. Team roles and responsibilities.
D. Communication frequency.

11. What is a significant outcome of Estimate Activity Resources?

A. Quality control measurements.
B. Updated risk register.
C. Detailed resource calendars.
D. Communication plans.

12. Which factor is a priority in Plan Communications Management?

A. Aligning with the project's risk profile.
B. Adhering to quality standards.
C. Matching communication to stakeholder needs.
D. Ensuring resource availability.

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