PMP Exam Preparation - Quiz 12, Project Planning P5

1. Which process ensures the detailed identification of stakeholder needs and requirements in project management?

A. Develop Project Management Plan.
B. Plan Scope Management.
C. Collect Requirements.
D. Define Activities.

2. What is the primary focus of the "Create WBS" process in project management?

A. Determining the project's critical path.
B. Developing a comprehensive risk analysis.
C. Breaking down project deliverables into smaller, manageable parts.
D. Establishing the project's communication protocols.

3. During the "Define Scope" process, what is a critical task?

A. Setting the project timeline.
B. Documenting the detailed project and product specifications.
C. Allocating the project budget.
D. Establishing team roles and responsibilities.

4. In the "Estimate Activity Durations" process, what factor is primarily considered?

A. The project's total budget.
B. The number of resources available.
C. The amount of time required to complete each activity.
D. The quality standards of project deliverables.

5. What is the main outcome of the "Sequence Activities" process?

A. Establishing a project budget baseline.
B. Creating a network diagram of project activities.
C. Assigning resources to project tasks.
D. Developing the project's risk management strategy.

6. In the "Plan Schedule Management" process, what is being established?

A. The project's final deliverables.
B. Guidelines for managing the project's schedule.
C. The project's scope boundaries.
D. Resource allocation strategies.

7. What does the "Develop Project Management Plan" process culminate in?

A. A detailed project charter.
B. A final project budget.
C. An integrated project management plan.
D. A comprehensive project risk assessment.

8. In the "Collect Requirements" process, what is a primary activity?

A. Estimating the project budget.
B. Defining the project's communication plan.
C. Gathering and documenting stakeholder needs.
D. Identifying project risks and mitigation strategies.

9. What is the primary goal of the "Define Activities" process?

A. To create a risk management plan.
B. To establish a project budget.
C. To identify specific tasks needed for producing project deliverables.
D. To set up a communication plan.

10. During the "Create WBS" process, what is a crucial step?

A. Finalizing the project schedule.
B. Developing the project's quality metrics.
C. Decomposing project deliverables into smaller components.
D. Allocating the project's resources.

11. What is a key element in the "Plan Scope Management" process?

A. Developing the project schedule.
B. Establishing how project scope will be defined and controlled.
C. Allocating the project budget.
D. Identifying project stakeholders.

12. In the "Estimate Activity Durations" process, what technique is commonly used?

A. Risk analysis.
B. Quality control measurement.
C. Analogous estimating.
D. Resource leveling.

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