PMP Exam Preparation - Quiz 2, Code of Ethics

1. You are leading a project where one team member consistently delivers work late, impacting project timelines. What is the most ethical course of action according to the PMI Code of Ethics?

A. Report the team member to HR for disciplinary action.
B. Confront the team member about their performance issues.
C. Discuss the issue with the team member to understand any underlying reasons and seek a mutually beneficial solution.
D. Reassign the team member's tasks to more reliable team members.

2. During a project meeting, you realize that the approach proposed by a team member is strikingly similar to that of a competitor’s product. What should you do to adhere to the PMI Code of Ethics?

A. Immediately halt the project and investigate the team member for potential corporate espionage.
B. Acknowledge the similarity but proceed without change, as no direct evidence of wrongdoing exists.
C. Discuss the concern with the team member and assess if there is any breach of intellectual property.
D. Ignore the similarity as coincidences in design can happen.

3. You discover that a subcontractor on your project is using substandard materials, which could compromise safety. According to the PMI Code of Ethics, what is the best action to take?

A. Terminate the contract with the subcontractor and find a new one.
B. Report the subcontractor to the relevant authorities for violating safety regulations.
C. Discuss the issue with the subcontractor and insist on using the specified materials.
D. Overlook the issue as changing subcontractors could delay the project.

4. If you become aware that a colleague is taking credit for your work on a project, what action aligns best with the PMI Code of Ethics?

A. Confront the colleague directly and demand they acknowledge your contributions.
B. Report the situation to your supervisor to rectify the issue.
C. Document your contributions and share them with the project stakeholders.
D. Ignore the situation to avoid conflict within the team.

5. You are offered confidential information from a competitor by a new team member who recently joined from that competitor. According to the PMI Code of Ethics, how should you respond?

A. Accept the information, as it could give your project a competitive edge.
B. Politely decline the information and remind the team member of ethical standards.
C. Report the team member to senior management for unethical behavior.
D. Advise the team member to return the information to their former employer.

6. During a project, you realize that a cost-saving decision could potentially impact the quality of the final deliverable. What should you do in line with the PMI Code of Ethics?

A. Proceed with the decision as cost-saving is a priority.
B. Discuss the implications with the project stakeholders before making a decision.
C. Ignore the quality concerns, as the project is already over budget.
D. Adjust the project scope to accommodate the lower quality.

7. You overhear a colleague making discriminatory remarks about another team member. What is the most appropriate action according to the PMI Code of Ethics?

A. Ignore the remarks to avoid workplace conflict.
B. Confront your colleague privately about their behavior.
C. Report the behavior to human resources or a higher authority.
D. Discuss the issue with the offended team member to offer support.

8. A client from another country offers you a gift as a thank you for completing a project ahead of schedule. According to the PMI Code of Ethics, how should you proceed?

A. Accept the gift to maintain a good relationship with the client.
B. Politely decline the gift, explaining it's against company policy.
C. Accept the gift but report it to your supervisor.
D. Investigate if this is part of the country's culture to give gifts.

9. During a project review, you notice that the project budget has been significantly understated. What action should you take in line with the PMI Code of Ethics?

A. Adjust the budget without informing the stakeholders to avoid concerns.
B. Report the discrepancy to the finance department for correction.
C. Investigate and discuss the matter with your team to understand the reason behind the discrepancy.
D. Inform the stakeholders immediately about the budget issue.

10. A team member suggests a shortcut that could speed up the project but potentially compromise safety. How should you respond as per the PMI Code of Ethics?

A. Implement the shortcut to meet the project deadline.
B. Evaluate the risks and benefits of the shortcut before deciding.
C. Reject the suggestion immediately due to safety concerns.
D. Investigate and consult with external experts on the feasibility of the shortcut.

11. You are offered a lucrative job opportunity with a vendor who is bidding for a contract on your current project. What action aligns with the PMI Code of Ethics?

A. Accept the job offer, as it represents a good career move.
B. Decline the job offer to avoid a conflict of interest.
C. Accept the offer but disclose this to your current employer.
D. Negotiate with the vendor to start the new job after the project completion.

12. During a project, you find that implementing an environmentally friendly practice would slightly increase costs. According to the PMI Code of Ethics, how should you proceed?

A. Avoid the practice to keep the project within budget.
B. Implement the practice, prioritizing environmental responsibility.
C. Discuss the cost implications with stakeholders before deciding.
D. Seek cheaper alternatives that are also environmentally friendly.

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